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In 2001, hockey changed Jolene’s life. She was heading down the wrong path but after watching her first game, pain turned into passion and she decided to share that with the world. So, she got into radio. Jolene has anchored News and Sports in both Edmonton and Vancouver and also got to cover the 2010 Games for News1130. She aspires to one day work in the NHL.







Hockeys1stlady: Palpitating Playoff Pump Ups!

Posted by on Apr 13th, 2012 in Feature Videos, Hockeys1stlady Blog | 0 comments

Hockeys1stlady If I could, I’d bottle up the feeling I get right before the playoffs begin, and share it with the world. In my mind, nothing compares to the month of April. Gorgeous sunshine, patio living, and stupendous hockey. I don’t know many fans that can’t get “kid in a candy store” excited about the post-season, but just in case you lack a pulse, here are a few of the best. What does a montage need to consist of in order to be great? MrNHLFanatic’s editing skills answer that. Clips and music in...

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Hockeys1stlady: NHL Fails To Protect Players!!

Posted by on Mar 24th, 2012 in Feature Videos, Hockeys1stlady Blog | 1 comment

Hockeys1stlady Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Duncan Keith will sit out five games for knocking Daniel Sedin out of the Canucks’ lineup for the foreseeable future. When Brendan Shanahan became the “league sheriff” I thought, great, someone who is going to lay down the law properly. At the beginning of the season it appeared that thought was not far off. Shanahan was handing out suspensions left, right, and centre. Five games here, eight games there. But then, things changed and the penalty for being careless on the ice became...

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Hockey1stlady: Why Do They Casuck?

Posted by on Mar 12th, 2012 in Feature Videos, Hockeys1stlady Blog | 0 comments

Hockeys1stlady What’s Plaguing The Canucks? Are they tired? Maybe the team has become complacent, yeah? Or is it just a little slump? Since the trade deadline, the Vancouver Canucks have picked up just five of a possible 12 points. Scoring has been a big issue, especially with the top line. Daniel and Henrik Sedin have earned a total of one point during this skid. Some people have told me that they believe the Sedins have been figured out. I don’t buy it. This just goes back to my argument that they do not get the respect that...

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Hockeys1stlady: Polls Are Great For Tents & Strippers!

Posted by on Feb 15th, 2012 in Feature Videos, Hockeys1stlady Blog | 2 comments

Hockeys1stlady Sports Illustrated is at it again. They asked 145 players, “Which All-Star caliber player is the easiest to intimidate?” Phil Kessel came in at number 1 with 15 per cent of the votes, followed by the Sedins at eight per cent and Alexander Semin with seven per cent. That’s the second time a Maple Leafs’ player has been at the top of an anonymously answered poll recently. In January, S.I wanted to know who should be on the league’s most overrated list? Dion Phaneuf lead the way with 20 per...

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Hockeys1stlady: Nolan Hangs ‘Em Up.

Posted by on Feb 8th, 2012 in Feature Videos, Hockeys1stlady Blog | 0 comments

Hockeys1stlady “When your body won’t do what your mind and your heart is willing to do, it’s time to move on.” Those words coming from Owen Nolan Tuesday when he officially called it a career. The Ontario forward made the announcement in San Jose where he played eight of his 18 seasons in the NHL. Not only could the almost 40-year-old score goals, but he could drop the gloves too. Nolan never won the Holy Grail, however, he did win the respect of many players and fans around the hockey world. Mike Ricci told...

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