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Ice Guardians: George Parros On Scott Parker

Ice Guardians: George Parros On Scott Parker – Bonus footage from the movie Ice Guardians in which George Parros talks about NHL enforcer/tough guy Scott Parker. If you haven’t seen the movie yet…you have to check it out, it’s FANTASTIC and we had the chance to talk to Eric Godard who also is featured in the movie. Parros, who is […]

ALIH Bench Clearing Brawl

ALIH Bench Clearing Brawl – Is the hockey fighting era over in North America? If so don’t tell the SPHL who just had a barn burner this past weekend or the Asia League Ice Hockey (ALIH) because they did it up BIG! Not sure really why this one kicked off between the China Dragons and the […]

Fisher Scraps Wilson 2-25-17

Fisher Scraps Wilson 2-25-17 – Nashville Predators Captain Mike Fisher drops the gloves and takes on Tom Wilson from the Washington Capitals. Say what you will about the Preds this season but they have a decent record this year because of the leadership of Fisher who much like Jerome Iginla will do what it takes […]

VIPERS: Hit, Hole Heavyweight Tilt

[ratings] VIPERS: Hit, Hole Heavyweight Tilt – During a BCHL game between the Vernon Vipers and the Nanaimo Clippers we saw a huge hit, a big hole and then a heavyweight tilt. Late in the game, Clippers defenceman Sean Buchanan tried almost successfully to put forward Jesse Lansdell thru the end boards. Following the hit, […]

Ref fights Player, Trainer Fights Ref

[ratings] Player hits goalie. Player fights player. Ref breaks up fight. Ref fights player. Trainer decks ref. This is insane: pic.twitter.com/30G2mwgnDe — From The Faceoff (@FromTheFaceoff) January 19, 2017 Check this mess out. We don’t have much more information on who is fighting or why…but it’s crazy to watch!

Connor Clouston Fights Stephan Seeger

[ratings] Connor Clouston Fights Stephan Seeger – Vernon Viper defenceman #25 Connor Clouston is making a name for himself in the heavyweight division when it comes to dropping the mitts. The 20-year-old blueliner from Medicine Hat also had a big time scrap in November. The former Medicine Hat Tiger also spent a few seasons playing with […]

Blue Jackets & Wild Scrap

[ratings] Blue Jackets & Wild Scrap – It was one of the most anticipated games of the month with both the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota wild taking massive win streaks into tonight’s New Year’s Eve meeting. So you could only have expected there were going to be some fireworks. Watch as Josh Anderson fights […]

Eagles vs Grizz Penalty Box Brawl

[ratings] Eagles vs Grizz Penalty Box Brawl – Watching the first half of these highlights you could tell this was going to be one nasty ECHL game between the Colorado Eagles and the Utah Grizz. Nevermind some of the big hits and cheap shots…but the penalty box brawl at the 1:20 mark was something else. […]

Saskatoon At Regina Brawl 11-4-16

[ratings] Saskatoon At Regina Brawl 11-4-16 –  A chippy WHL game between Saskatoon and Regina turned into a brawl after Connor Hobbs nailed Blades forward, Cam Hausinger. After a few words…players on the ice each grabbed a partner and started swinging. The prime time fight featured Regina’s Lukus MacKenzie vs Bryan Lockner from the Saskatoon […]