Veilleux Makes $100 In Penalty Box

Veilleux Makes $100 In Penalty Box – OK straight up…we have no clue what is going on here so we’re just going to take what we do know and make it up…alternate facts style. What we do know is that #61 Tommy Veilleux is in the penalty box late in the during a LNAH game between […]

Barker Devastates Deschênes LNAH

[ratings] Brennan Barker Devastates Christian Deschênes This is one heck of a hit as Brennan Barker from the Cornwall RiverKings lays out Eperviers Christian Deschênes during game 2 of the LNAH playoffs. At first glance it looks like a good hard clean check. Maybe in slo-mo there might be contact to the head but really […]

Warm Up Brawl Laval vs St George LNAH

[ratings] Warm Up Brawl Laval vs St George LNAH A massive ‘bench clearing’ brawl breaks out during the warm up between Laval and St. George of the LNAH hockey league. Technically not really a bench clearing since both teams were all on the ice but still…everyone gets into this one. Bad blood right from the […]

LNAH Fight Mirasty vs Penner 11-21-14

[ratings] (Mirasty vs Penner) It’s not an uncommon site to see Jon ‘Nasty’ Mirasty drove the gloves with Alex Penner….I mean I think these guys would fight each other in a seniors home. Not sure what the record is between these two LNAH combatants but lets put it this way when they do ‘dance’ its […]

LNAH: Lessard’s Incredible Hockey Fight Celly

[ratings] Cornwall River Kings Francis Lessard is fired up after putting a beat down on Sébastien Laferrière in LNAH action. It seemed like everyone on the opposing team wanted a piece of him. The fight is good, but the former Carolina Hurricanes draft pick had an even better celebration, including the championship belt and shadow […]