Andrei Zubarev’s Big Shift

Andrei Zubarev’s Big Shift – The KHL is in the middle of the Gagarin Cup finals (Our Stanley Cup Finals) between CKA and Metallurg. In game four of the series and late in the game CKA defenceman tosses out a massive hip check then skates up the ice and rifles a knuckleball at the net…not only […]

Dadonov Undresses Lee For Highlight GWG

Dadonov Undresses Lee For Highlight GWG – This year’s Gagarin Cup Final promises goals, action and controversy … and game one of the series delivered in style. A high-scoring, hard-fought clash between two evenly-matched rivals eventually ended in SKA’s favor, but only after each team saw a player ejected from the game in a true battle […]

Plotnikov Scores Coast-To-Coast Goal

Plotnikov Scores Coast-To-Coast Goal – Another highlight from the KHL playoffs and also from the same game this time instead of an awesome stick save…it’s a coast-to-coast like butter and toast goal! Former Penguin/Coyote Sergei Plotnikov; who now plays forward for SKA St. Petersburg; shows he has some moves as he skates thru Lokomotiv to score this […]

Mikko Koskinen’s Sick Stick Save

Mikko Koskinen’s Sick Stick Save – During a KHL playoff game between SKA – St. Petersburg, former New York Islanders draft pick Mikko Koskinen makes an insane stick save to rob Lokomotiv’s Denis Mosalyov. Mosaltyov had an entire net to look at and even he is in complete disbelief that Koskinen made the save. What […]

Peter Skudra’s Intense Timeout

Peter Skudra’s Intense Timeout – Well there is one thing you can say about Torpedo Nizhy-Novgorod Coach Peter Skudra…He’s intense! In the final minutes of a KHL playoff game, Skudra calls a timeout…not sure if he used some colourful language but the look says everything…Skudra is not in his ‘happy place’.  the 43-year-old might be up for […]

Zakharchuk’s Dirty Hit Injures Lazarev

Zakharchuk’s Dirty Hit Injures Lazarev – Not sure what’s in the water tonight but there have been a number of huge hits in the KHL tonight. However unlike this one by ‘Bad Vlad’ Denisov…Ak Bars defenceman Stepan Zakharchuk dishes out an ugly hit on Anton Lazarev in the corner. Zakharchuk leaves his skates and jumps […]

‘Bad Vlad’ Destroys Pushkaryov

‘Bad Vlad’ Destroys Pushkaryov – Traktor’s Vladimir “Bad Vlad” Denisov brings some pain to Konstantin Pushkaryov! Pushkaryov makes a move to cut to the middle of the slot when Denisov rocks him high sending the former LA King draft pick flying thru the air. Denisov, a solid 5’11” 210 lbs defenceman once played for the […]

The Wizardry Of Oz – GREAT GOAL!

[ratings] The Wizardry Of Oz – GREAT GOAL! –  CSKA Moscow defenceman Igor Ozhiganov ties a KHL game up late in the 3rd period, undressing Dynamo’s Vishnevsky and fires a shot that beats Zalivin low on the glove side. Not sure if this was a great goal or ABSOLUTELY horrible defence as four Dynamo players watch the […]

KHL Top Ten Goals (Week 7)

[ratings] KHL Top Ten Goals (Week 7) – Watch some absolutely filthy goals scored this week in the KHL…heck even Jonathan Cheechoo (yeah he still plays) had a goal in the top ten. Not sure if it’s because European players and in particular Russian players have stick handling skills out of this world (Bure, Datsyuk, […]

KHL Top Ten Hits (Week 7)

[ratings] KHL Top Ten Hits (Week 7) – Watch the top ten bruising hits from around the KHL. Number one is definitely the biggest hit as it’s rare to see a mid ice hip check in the slot and especially in the KHL. However #6 hit delivered by Ak Bars Roman Abrosimov really should have […]