AIHL Week 1 Highlights

[ratings] AIHL Week 1 Highlights The 2016 AIHL season officially kicked off with a huge matchup between two longtime rivals in the Australian Ice Hockey League, the Melbourne Ice and the Melbourne Mustangs. What is great about this game is that both teams play out of the same city and the same facility which is […]

AIHL Opening Night 2016

[ratings] AIHL Opening Night 2016 In honour of the Australia Ice Hockey League’s season kicking off tomorrow night, we have this preview video from the Melbourne Ice talking about their upcoming Derby against the Melbourne Mustangs. Now for North American hockey fans, a derby is a game  between two rivals of close geographical proximity are usually called […]

CBR Brave’s ‘Want It More’

[ratings] CBR Brave’s ‘Want It More’ Promo Vid A big thanks to our friends at for bringing this video to our attention. We started following AIHL (Australia’s Pro League) last season and in just one year we are starting to see some teams step up with their marketing and promotion of the sport. We’ve […]

Bud Holloway’s Incredible Save

[ratings] You know when coaches say…it’s not over until it’s over and you’re only as good as you’re last shift…they’re talking about putting in the extra effort like what St. John’s IceCaps forward Bud Holloway did during an AHL game against the Binghamton Senators. He made perhaps the save of the year when he dove […]

Minion Attempts Shootout

[ratings] Minion Attempts Shootout You have to love the Australian Ice Hockey League for always giving us something to talk about every year…sometimes it’s a player celebrating on his head or it’s a minion on the shootout. This time Andrew Cox (Perth Thunder) attempts the APA Group Breakaway Challenge dressed as a Minion. The inaugural […]

AIHL Week 6 Highlights

[ratings] AIHL Week 6 Highlights From the Australia Ice Hockey league highlights from the Melbourne Ice against the Adelaide Adrenaline, at Medibank Icehouse. The best goal of the game and warrants it’s own highlight is Adelaide Forward #11 Tyler Grove. Watch at the 2:00 minute mark of the video as the team’s top scorer splits […]

Profile: Beau Taylor (Newcastle North Stars)

[ratings] Profile: Beau Taylor (Newcastle North Stars) We’ve decided to add some videos from the Australia Ice Hockey league as well as other Aussie Hockey videos. Our first ‘official’ video is this player profile on Beau Taylor who is an bi-continental player suiting up in Canada as well as in Australia. He started his #‎AIHL […]