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BEST NHL Goals From October

BEST NHL Goals From October – One month down and there have been a few surprises including a few surprising goals. From Taffoli’s buzzer beater for the Kings to Phil Kessel’s 300th career goal which was a game winner to Ryan O’Reilly’s sweet backhander for Buffalo these are some awesome goals…and we’re only a month into […]

NHL 2017-18 Season Promo

NHL 2017-18 Season Promo –  Are you ready? The NHL Season is back!! The NHL put out this teaser video in hopes of getting you jacked up (and we are…good job NHL). So sharpen the blades and tape the sticks; Puck Drop is Wednesday October 4th! Oh and here is a shameless plug as well…watch hockey […]

College Hockey 2017-18 Pump Up

College Hockey 2017-18 Pump Up – Every year we look forward to those content creators on YouTube who produce hockey montage videos or create originally shot and produced videos. Over the years we have come to love YouTubers like Trav4Oilers, Mr4hbs or Looler27 who do a great job at putting out quality content each season. The […]