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Rockford IceHogs 2017-18 Intro


Rockford IceHogs 2017-18 Intro – Intro or team pump up videos are one of our favourite things to share on this site. When we started hockeytube.net, we were producing more team intros and player introduction videos and we know how hard it is to be original.

Not only does it take a lot of effort to grab those perfect emotional shots and even highlight shots but it’s also difficult to not slip into cliché content like skate sharpening and tape wrapping. And while the Rockford IceHogs video has that and the ‘ever hot’ drone shots….it’s their choice of music that makes this video. We would imagine we’re going to hear a few teams use this one in the future.

So if you are interested in putting this one on your pre-game list it’s ‘Blow Your Mind’ by Ohana Bam and was released about 8 months ago. Only 118 thousand people watch his vid…but think a few more will including us.