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Chief Wannawin Retires


Chief Wannawin Retires – The Chilliwack Chiefs will be retiring their longtime mascot ‘Chief Wannawin’ during their September 15th game. The 20-year old mascot has been a familiar and at times controversial figure at BCHL games sometimes stirring it up with opposing fans.

According to a CBC report….Chief David Jimmie of the Squiala First Nation says he urged the team to stop using the mascot and is pleased they are doing that. “I felt that in an age of reconciliation, and looking at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, that this was really not an acceptable mascot,” he said.

In the report Jimmie told the reporter that he has no problem with the team’s name or logo — “They wear it with pride,” he said — and Squiala is holding a contest for an artist to design new jerseys for the team.

Chilliwack is preparing to host the RBC National Championship next year and is making the right moves before inviting the rest of the country to take in the week-long event.