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No 37/100: Josh Ho-Sang Scores Wearing #66


No 37/100: Josh Ho-Sang Scores Wearing #66 – The #37 on Sportsnet’s top 100 plays from 2016-17 is Islanders rookie Josh Ho-Sang who scored his first NHL goal against the Edmonton Oilers.

Now what makes this a bigger story than just another rookie that found the back of the net was the fact that he wears number 66. Of course that’s the great Mario Lemieux’s number that he wore with Pittsburgh.

Some people think that Ho-Sang should have stayed away from wearing the numbers while others argue the number isn’t retired (like Gretzky’s) so he should be able to wear it. We think if you are going to wear a number like that at any level…you might want to be able to fill the net. Either way…what do you think…fair game for Ho-Sang to toss on #66? Leave comments below.


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