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WHL Logo’s Ranked 1-22


WHL Logo’s Ranked 1-22 – Yesterday we posted this video from Post2Post who ranked the BCHL’s Junior A hockey logos and it drew a lot of interest from fans around the league. Lots of people had a negative reaction to the video mainly because they thought the reviewers had no clue of the history or the reason behind the logo.

However to be fair, the rankings were based strictly on the aesthetic look of the logo. Due to the fact that they are located on the East Coast they actually are in a good position to give their point of view BECAUSE they have little to no information about the teams. It’s just a couple of dude’s opinion…so relax…enjoy.

Today we bring you their video on ranking the WHL logo’s. Now don’t get us started…we have a few issues with some of the Major Junior branding but we’ll let these guys take the heat…LOL!