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Russia vs Canada Pre-Olympic Scrum (Sochi)


Russia vs Canada Pre-Olympic Scrum (Sochi) – Russia’s Olympic team defeated Canada’s team 3-2 in a match at the pre-season hockey tournament in Sochi. During the game, tempers flared as both teams got tied up into some shoving and pushing. Now by NHL standards this is a whole lot of nothing…on the international stage this is what Taylor Swift described as ‘bad blood’.

For many hockey fans who remember or have watched highlight reels…there’s always been a rivalry between Canada and Russia dating back to the early 70’s. Lately that rivalry has been overshadowed by the one between Canada and the US both with the men and women. With the NHL abstaining from the next round of winter games…maybe that rivalry gets renewed especially since you won’t have NHL teamates facing off against each other.

In the tournament’s final, Russia’s national Olympic team will play against St. Petersburg’s SKA Ice Hockey Club. Magnitogorsk’s Metallurg and Canada’s team will fight for third place.

In 2016, Moscow’s CSKA won the first pre-season tournament held in Sochi.