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WTF – Are You Ready For An Ahockalypse?


WTF – Are You Ready For An Ahockalypse? – Yep. It’s real. Excuse us while we rub our eyes and pick up our dropped jaws but what did we just watch?!? A hockey movie about a team that has to fight off a zombie invasion? According to IMDb, the simple plot line of this movie is apparently and we quote “After winning the championship cup, Jonsey and his team must survive the zombie apocalypse.”

Now it’s a ridiculous enough of a story line that it could be so bad that it may be worth a few laughs. There have been a few bad hockey movies that get a cult like following just because…well…it’s hockey. The movie was written and directed by Wayne Harry Johnson Jr. whose genre appears to definitely be the grade D horror comedy type.

The movie is void of any big name actors but features a few hockey cameos including former Saskatoon Blade and St. Louis Blues tough guy Kelly Chase and former Kamloops Chief and LA Kings head coach Barry Melrose.

No release date has been set for this one…but maybe we’ll keep an eye out for it. NOW for a movie we know is worth watching make sure you check out Ice Guardians which you can now rent on Itunes for $3.99