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Veilleux Makes $100 In Penalty Box


Veilleux Makes $100 In Penalty Box – OK straight up…we have no clue what is going on here so we’re just going to take what we do know and make it up…alternate facts style. What we do know is that #61 Tommy Veilleux is in the penalty box late in the during a LNAH game between his 103.5 COOL FM team (yup named after a radio station…real thing) and Marquis Jonquière. Now not sure if the gentleman is an opposing fan or a fan of Tommy’s or a team rep who knows the player.

But the conversation starts off pretty rough…Tommy is doing the usual hockey player response of ‘can’t hear you…too much noise from the crowd’ and then goes into the ‘you’re number one with the middle finger routine and even tosses in a ‘go suck on….well you get the idea’.  Then for whatever the reason the fan slips a $100 dollar bill under the glass (this is what the write up says) and Veilleux takes it! Fan is happy…Tommy seems happy and away we go.

Now the LNAH is a bit of a different Canadian league and no word if that could be a finable offence or seen as taking a bribe…but still made for a funny moment!