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Andrei Zubarev’s Big Shift


Andrei Zubarev’s Big Shift – The KHL is in the middle of the Gagarin Cup finals (Our Stanley Cup Finals) between CKA and Metallurg. In game four of the series and late in the game CKA defenceman tosses out a massive hip check then skates up the ice and rifles a knuckleball at the net…not only breaking his stick but also scoring. If you watch the goal in slow-motion you will see how it was a sinker that just dropped below the crossbar.

Zubarev actually played with the Atlanta Thrashers for a total of 4 games and 51 games with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. It was a 2-year contract worth $625,000 before going back to the KHL where his team is now up 3 games-to-1.


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