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Peter Skudra’s Intense Timeout


Peter Skudra’s Intense Timeout – Well there is one thing you can say about Torpedo Nizhy-Novgorod Coach Peter Skudra…He’s intense! In the final minutes of a KHL playoff game, Skudra calls a timeout…not sure if he used some colourful language but the look says everything…Skudra is not in his ‘happy place’.  the 43-year-old might be up for the ‘Tortorella Award’ for being one of the angriest coaches in the league. He started the year off with this little beauty of a throw down:

За честь команды бились не только наши игроки, но и тренер #торпедонн

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Skudra was with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the late 1990s. He also had stints with the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins and played literally minutes for the Buffalo Sabres. Wouldn’t it be something to see Skudra coach against Tortorella…oh we can only dream!