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Hockeys1stlady: Sweet Tweets – Lockout Medicine!



Twitter has and continues to help me stay sane through this NHL lockout. Some users though, have assisted more than others.


I consider him one of the most entertaining hockey guys in the Twitterverse. @Proteautype or Adam Proteau is a writer for The Hockey News and as I sifted through a lot of his tweets, it was hard to narrow down even a couple that I found to be down right hilarious. And that’s only because there are a lot. So, I went with one of Adam’s latest. “If the NHL cancels the entire season, Twitter should issue a commemorative fail whale when fans go berserk. I propose a self-beached whale.” Thank you sir for giving me a daily laugh!!

He is a blogger for The Province and is known for his whitty charm, photoshop skills, and the fake Canucks season. Wyatt Arndt, known on Twitter as @TheStanchion is another one of those guys that has been my lifejacket during the lockout. I asked Wyatt to describe how he feels 111 days in and he responded with, “Apathy, drinking helps. ;)” You rock, Wyatt.

Twitter just wouldn’t be Twitter without @Strombone1. It hasn’t been confirmed, and maybe never will be, but the creator of this account is Roberto Luongo. It’s great when someone can type just about anything, and it will make you fall out of your chair with split sides. Luongo tweeted Thursday, “I just filed a disclaimer of interest on guys wearing jean shorts.” He pokes fun at all things topical, even himself. Again, one of the best on Twitter.

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