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In Honour Of Rick Rypien



I will never forget August 15th, 2011.

I remember where I was, and what I was wearing when I found out that Canucks’ fan favourite Rick Rypien had passed away. He was just 27-years-old. It hit me especially hard when it was revealed that he took his own life.

Since I was 10-years-old I have battled depression. I have really good days, and really bad ones too. I was so pleased when the Canucks’ organization announced the launch of www.Mindcheck.ca back in January. It’s a website designed to help youth and young adults with mental illness. It is also a good resource for family members and friends to check out to recognize symptoms and to better understand the challenges of depression. I can only wish that something like this was around when I was a teen.

There will be a get together on Wednesday, August 15th outside of Rogers Arena in support of Mindcheck. A silent auction will be held where various items signed by Canucks’ players are up for grabs. Blogger Ellen Ransford and her oldest daughter Alex organized the event.

Ellen holds the Canucks high in regard for many reasons. She says they are the bridge that brought her daughter, who was having problems at the time, home to her. At 28-years-old Ellen was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to let go of things she loved, like bowling, and baseball. “The one thing I didn’t have to give up was watching the game. It means so much to me.”

I asked Ellen why she put together this fundraiser. “The kids on Twitter. There are so many depressed kids. My daughter and I would send them the Mindcheck link and they would say thank you.”

She also wants the people that were close to Rick to know that he is thought of daily. “A lot of fans forget that hockey players are human too. Rick had a family, and friends. He was not just a hockey player.”

Ellen says you don’t have to make a donation to be there. “You can just come down to show your support.” She added it will be great opportunity for people who just want to be with others that understand. The event gets underway at 11:00a.m and will wrap up around 6:00p.m.

Ellen took the words right out of my mouth when she said, “Even if we can just help one person.”

That’s my hope too.

If you would like to contact Ellen: @_EllieNuck_ or sadntrue@hotmail.com

If you would like to contact me: @Hockeys1stlady or Hockeysfirstlady@hotmail.com

To donate: http://mindcheck.ca/about-us


  1. A frank, caring heartfelt blog; not only one in honoring the memory of a special, sadly missed Canuck player, #37 Rick Rypien; a son, brother, friend, athlete, comrade, best buddy and sooo much more, but in also encouraging the youth, that they are NOT alone and to NOT stay silent!! Thank you!

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