Hockeys1stlady: Canucks Should Deal!


With the trade deadline just a month away, the rumour mill is starting to produce daily. The latest buzz involves the Canucks and Ducks. Ex-NHL’er Patrice Brisebois says Corey Perry to Van for Keith Ballard, Mason Raymond and Cory Schneider, is being considered. On Vancouver’s end, that would be a massive steal. Perry is a Hart winner and has a Cup ring too. As for the Ducks, Schneider is an attractive name but don’t forget, Anaheim already has Jonas Hiller for a couple more years. Ballard is an expensive bottom two d-man at $4.2 million per and Raymond is a restricted free agent following this season. To say the least, this deal would certainly favour the Canucks, but would it make sense for them? I believe their top priority should remain another defenseman, someone who can eat up a lot of minutes. A player like that would come in handy if Sami Salo were to go down again.

Now, if Perry was put on the table after the Canucks added some depth to their back-end, maybe. It all depends on who the Ducks want in return. So in other wards, if Schneider was apart of the package, I’d say not a chance. I think trading away the, “just in case plan,” would be a mistake, especially if Roberto Luongo hurt his groin or lived up to the fans billing of a choke artist.

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  1. Teresa Chernoff says:

    I’m still learning who is who on other teams, however, I don’t want to see Schneider traded! I think he is a very important backup asset to the #Canucks. Luongo is not getting any younger & is totally in need of a confident backup!

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