No. 59/100: Martin St. Louis Honored

No. 59/100: Martin St. Louis Honored – If you remember watching this live…you will know that this was one of the more emotional moments of the NHL season. The Tampa Bay Lightning retired Martin St. Louis’ number 26 in a teary eyed ceremony. When St. Louis talks about his late mother, who passed away in May 2014 […]

Who Is Mel ‘The Mangler’ Anglestad?

Who Is The Mangler Anglestad? – Mel ‘The Mangler’ Anglestad is getting another shot at fame for his infamous fisticuffs ever since Jay Baruchel dropped his name in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Baruchel told Kimmel that Anglestad had reached out and wanted to be in the Goon Movie sequel because the first movie was […]

NHL Captains Drop The Gloves

NHL Captains Drop The Gloves – Whether they are tough guys or not…NHL captains are sometimes expected to lead by example and that means on occasion tossing the mitts and tossing some bombs. Here is a compilation video of some fights involving NHL captains. While we were never huge fans of the Calgary Flames you always […]

Lazar, Nash & Comrie Talk Pro-Am

Lazar, Nash & Comrie Talk Pro-Am – caught up with a few NHL’ers who took part in the annual Salmon Arm Elite Hockey School’s Pro-Am Scholarship game. Calgary’s Curtis Lazar, Boston Bruin’s Riley Nash and Winnipeg Jet netminder Eric Comrie all lended their support to the fun-filled night featuring players from all levels. Lazar who […]

No. 62/100: Luongo 5th All-Time Wins

No. 62/100: Luongo 5th All-Time Wins – Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo has had a memorable career and a shutout against the New Jersey Devils in January of 2017 illustrated it perfectly. That win gave the ex-Canuck a milestone victory that put him in elite company as one of the top 5 winningest goalies of all […]

WHL Logo’s Ranked 1-22

WHL Logo’s Ranked 1-22 – Yesterday we posted this video from Post2Post who ranked the BCHL’s Junior A hockey logos and it drew a lot of interest from fans around the league. Lots of people had a negative reaction to the video mainly because they thought the reviewers had no clue of the history or the […]

No. 64/100: McCabe Lays Out Laine

No. 64/100: McCabe Lays Out Laine – Sportsnet is running down its top 100 moments from the 2016-17 season and now that we’re back from summer holidays we will be passing those onto you guys. Two top guys broke into the league last year, Toronto’s Austin Matthews and Winnipeg’s Patrik Laine, both had stand out […]